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Carefree Country Holidays for your Dog, Cat and other Pets




Our indoor dog kennel units are specially designed with your dog’s comfort and security in mind. They are set in blocks of six around a courtyard which leads to our secure exercise field, our indoor training room and our training paddock. Each kennel block contains six individual units fronting onto corridors.

The units are designed so that dogs do not make nose to nose or eye to eye contact with each other. Because there is no eye to eye contact dominant or aggressive dogs cannot intimidate their neighbour. This allows each dog to settle, to feel safe and to relax in its own private unit.

The kennels are bright and airy and each dog has its own private unit with a raised draft free bed at the back of their floor area. The dogs are bedded on comfort thermal mats and white shredded paper. They love the shredded paper and it is great for drying off damp paws after their walks in our field.  The paper is then replaced ensuring our dogs always have a hygenic, dry snug bed. You are welcome to bring your own dogs bedding if you so wish.  Winter heating is provided and individual Infrared heating is available in each unit if you would like it for your dog.  Family dogs may share if requested. We do not, for safety reasons, mix dogs unless from the same family.   If you would like your dog to have some play time with other dogs we can provide safe, supervised playtime with some of our personal trained dogs.  This must be requested in writing at time of booking. 

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Our Kennels are recommended by many well known veterinary practices.

Here well known vet Pete Weddeburn says hello to lab Sheba while Jody looks on from our outdoor pen.

Our secure covered outdoor runs allow for safe fun play periods throughout the day. All our canine guests are walked individually twice daily in our exercise field. These walks develop a bond between your dog and our staff members thereby ensuring that you pet's stay is a relaxed and happy time. We adhere to a strict routine so that our canine guests can quickly come to predict what happens when. They enjoy their exercise sessions, feeding and play sessions and learn to relax and snooze during the times in between. Good food, a comfortable bed, fresh air & exercise together with lots of attention and affection from our experienced long staff helps ensure a stress free holiday for your dog and therefore an enjoyable holiday for you too.

Boarding rate per dog €18.50 p.night  Two family dogs sharing €33.00p.night

Our Cat Boarding Kennels

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Each individual indoor cat unit is designed to give your cat privacy and security. A snug draft free bedding area with comfy vet bedding provides a comfortable, relaxing place for snoozing. All units have climbing shelves and our boarding cats enjoy climbing up to relax at the top level and to watch the outside activities. The secure corridor and double door allows for safe individual daily exercise periods. Heating is provided when the weather is very cold. Each cat's diet as per owner requests. 

Boarding rate per cat €15.00 per night


Additional Dog and Cat Services

Convalescent pets – under your vet’s supervision we provide a safe, quiet environment for recuperative post-injury or post-operative pets. Obese pets will benefit from our health and fitness programme – a healthy diet, fresh air and exercise. Details on request.

Collection & Delivery Service

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We provide a collection and delivery service for dogs, cats and other small animals in our specially fitted out van. These take place every Monday and Friday with the exception of Bank Holidays. This service is available within a 50k radius and is strictly by appointment. 
Collection fee €30, delivery fee €30 for trips between 10k-35k. others on request. 


Please email us at for full details or phone us at 045 524250. A member of our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. PLEASE NOTE NO ANIMALS WILL BE ADMITTED WITHOUT UP TO DATE,  FULL AND APPROPRIATE VACCINATIONS,INCLUDING CANINE COUGH AND WORMING. VET CARD MUST BE SUPPLIED.

Visitors:   We recommend you come visit Fircroft, see our facilities, meet our staff and some of our long term boarders before leaving your pet with us.  Visitors are always welcome, visiting hours are from 10.30 until 3pm every day. IN FACT WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU VISIT EACH AND EVERY BOARDING KENNELS THAT YOU MAY BE CONSIDERING AND INSIST ON A FULL VISIT OF THE ENTIRE PREMISES.  




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