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Fircroft animals at work - Shorts

Newgrange,  Elbow Productions, Neolithic Dog 2018

Clondorca, director David Lester Mooney,  J.R. Stringer 2017

The Emerald Stone, Eamonn Tutty, J.R. Fudge 2017

The Muck of Kells, Blaine Rennick, 2 Irish Wolfhounds 2017

Away with the Fairies, Sarah Gunn,Treasure film our cat Harry 2016

Lads of Comedy, Failsafe Films, our J.R. Fudge, 2015

Little Grey Fergie LGF Films Norway, 2 goats & farm animals 2015

Din, Failsafe Films, Border Collie Toddy, 2015

Reign, Monarch Productions, 2 Irish Wolfhounds 2014

Irish Tourism, 2 Afghan hounds and 40 pigeons 2014

The Young Roy Keane,  Rockmount Prods, labrador Jet 2014

Moone Boy 3,   our J.R.  Fudge  2013

An Cat, Helen Flanagan,  fluffy cream cat Smudge  2012

The Late Late show, RTE,  a rabbit and tortoise 2012

Moone Boy 2,  terrier/collie Scruff & two cats 2012

Blight,  Twilight Films, rottie  Roman      2015

Day One – Director Lisa Mulcahy. Like her sister Barbara, Lisa is a true professional within the Industry and always has the welfare of the animals at heart. Featuring our Jack Russell ‘Sonny’.

Survival of the Fittest – Enjoyed making this with collies Spice and Jace. The story of the ‘canine’ neighbour from hell. Mary’s Spice played the role of ‘Darling’the spoilt pup from next door who caused mayhem in the lives of ‘Captain’ (played by Mary’s daughter Judith’s retired Working Trials Champion Jace) the sedate and sensible old dog and her master Peadar.

Ocras - Emerald Fox Ltd 2003 Best Director award - Cork Film Festival, featured our Jack Russell, "Sonny". Story set in the time of the Great Hunger with an interesting twist to the tail. The story is set in the time of the Great Hunger with an interesting twist to the tail – Starring Liam Cunningham.

Dallog De – Golden Retriever Pushkin. Twilight Films - 2000.

Tango – short movie made on Achill – Spice, border collie - 2003.

A ferret called Mickey ,ferrets & rabbits, Rough Magic Films - 2003.

Some of the TV chat shows we have appeared on with our animals

Bi Bi Show - Rita's dog Zaffle  and her cat E.T.

The Late Late – Mary's border collie Tansy and other dogs

The Late Late Show,  Mary's Jessie, selects winning entry for Gay

Live at Three - Follows Mary's training of two puppies Spice and Jack from six weeks to eight months old,  plus various other dogs and cats 
PM live - Mary follows on with her animals and advice on training’ 

Open House - Variety of dogs and Mary advising on training problems.

Ireland AM – Canine film stars – Spice, Scruff, Jamie & Sonny.

Pat Kenny show (Radio)

Gerry Ryan show (Radio)

KFM (Radio) training advice

 Ray D'Arcy (Radio) training advice 2017

Some Press Releases and Poster Campaigns:

RTE Live at 3 Autumn Home 95 mag.  Kyle border collie – Aug 95.

Hennessy Advert - Poster campaign

Smirnoff - Posters for Int Fashion Awards, dog in bottle (weirmeraner & puppy plus weirmeraner & Murphy, border collie)

Irish Permanent - Poster & Brochure – Jace & Jess Border collies,

Dimension Marketing – wolfhounds, May 2000

Pfizer promo – Spice, border collie & cat with Shauna Lowry, 2000 

Young Advertising – Exotic bird – Oct 2000

Digital on Line – Jack, border collie – Irish Independent Sept 2000

German Pharmaceutical Advert - Pushkins - golden retriever 2001

Promo launch Capital Records - Wolfhound "Boy" &  birds  2001

The Company – Interflora – Sonny 2002

Dept Environment – Scruff & plastic bag levy - 2002

Donal Molone – CD Discs – Spice 2002

John Brady Entertainment – Irish Tourism – wolfhounds 2002

Evening Herald – two dogs – 2002

Abbey Theatre - Peter Sheridan with Wolfhound "Colleen" 

Master McGrath – labels & bags picture – three dogs

Fruitfield Marmalade – jar label - black and white cat.

McConnells – Bus Eireann Promo - 2004



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