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Puppy Training Programme & Basic Dog Obedience Training with Mary Owens, KCAI - (OB adv CD adv) is available direct from Fircroft Dog Training & Boarding Kennels Ltd.  It is available as a DVD or Video.

Mary's DVD is devoted to helping owners enjoy their dogs.

The optimum learning period for all puppies is from 3 - 18 weeks. Mary’s Puppy Guidance DVD is designed to make the most of the early formative weeks prior to the puppy being fully vaccinated. Remember from the time you bring your puppy home it is learning. Mary’s aim is to help you ensure that what your puppy is learning during these critical early weeks makes it easy to live with as a valued life long canine companion.

You will be amazed to see just how much such very young puppies can learn is a few weeks and just how much they enjoy learning. Flurry age 6 weeks, Kyle aged 8 weeks & Shannon aged 16 weeks enthusiastically learn to Sit, Lie Down, Come when called, to Fetch and to Walk on lead. Mary advises on how to avoid common canine problems – house soiling, car sickness, play biting, jumping up, destructiveness and lots, lots more.

'Using Mary’s techniques and thinking you can successfully train your dog. The puppies clearly enjoy learning. Mary’s love of dogs shines through her training which is fun yet effective. Still the best puppy training dvd available by the greatest dog trainer Ireland has ever produced' John Rogerson - Renowned World leading Dog Trainer/Behaviourist.  

DVDs cost:  €22 incl. post & packaging.

Available direct from Mary Owens, Fircroft Dog Training & Boarding Kennels Ltd., Rathangan, Co. Kildare.


What our customers are saying:

"Hi there,
I'm so pleased that my very good friend Mary Owens has at last put all her experience of puppy training on DVD. I've known Mary & followed her methods of basic obedience & house training for years. Methods that involve only love, kindness & reward. Every dog that comes into my house ( I've lost count how many ) is trained by Mary's methods. That also applies to older, stray, nervous, destructive & cruelly treated dogs.

Next time you see animals in Irish TV ads & films, you can bet your life Mary trained them. Lots of them plucked from animal sanctuaries & transformed into "STARS" within weeks. All trained by the same methods. So don't despair anymore over your piddling pooch. Watch & listen carefully then start applying Mary's tried & trusted training to your four legged friend.

I guarantee you'll love the results"

Linda Martin, Eurovision Winner, TV presenter and animal lover.

“I can think of nothing more enjoyable or relaxing than going for a long walk with my dogs. My dogs are a constant source of companionship and fun. Mary has been training companion dogs, competition dogs and reforming hooligans for years and years. She has trained hundreds of dogs for television and film so she is the perfect person to teach us”. -Dr. Brenda Fricker, Oscar winning Irish actress and passionate animal lover.

Watch out for Mary’s new canine training DVD using the exciting and effective concept of Clicker training. A clicker is a little hand-held gadget that makes a sound like a cricket. The dogs are taught to associate the sound of the click with treats. Dogs quickly come to love this sound. The training is based on positive reinforcement and is free from any form of punishment. Using this simple form of communication you will see Mary transform unruly adolescents into model canine citizens – Sunny, the Screaming Shih Tzu, Phoebe, the Dotty Dalmation and Leo, the Boisterous Boxer all have fun enjoying their transformation.

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